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Space Reservation Information

During the past 18 months the Events Management and Facilities Rental (EMFR) team has engaged in an effort to upgrade our processes and work flows.  The objective has been to improve efficiencies and to enhance support of the FIT community as well as external clients.   We write to share some new information about event space requests and updated services provided by the EMFR team. Updates include the customization of the 25LivePro reservation system for ease of use, establishment of pre-event approvals and deadlines, the addition of new instructional tools and more.

Approvals and Deadlines

  • Please note that due to health and safety precautions related to COVID-19 and until further notice, all event/meeting requests must continue to be approved by your divisional vice president via the new Space Use and Event Approval Form.
  • In order to provide you with the best service possible, space request deadlines have been established.  We ask that you adhere to the timelines below in order to ensure space support availability.
    • No less than 30 days prior to the requested start date of your event.
      • All space use requests
      • Pre-production meetings
      • AV equipment and tech. needs
      • Technical and lighting needs finalized based on the prior pre-production meetings
      • Catering order placed
    • No less than 5 business days from the requested start date of your event.
      • All final resource requirements
      • Event Diagram(s)
      • Event cancellation notice
  • We will propose alternative dates if your requested dates are already booked to the support capacity of the events and technical teams.
  • If your date falls on a fully booked date and alternatives are not possible, then outside resources will have to be hired and charges will become the responsibility of the requesting departments.
  • EMFR staff coordinates technical support with the IT/METS and CER/Digital teams.  Commitments for technical resources cannot be confirmed until pre-production meetings have been held.
  • The EMFR, IT, and CER teams will work to "right size" events for their expected attendance and in relation to the available spaces.

Forms and Information Sheets

This is helpful information before planing an event.

Event Planning Sheet  will help you navigate through initial information gathering.

Revision / Cancellation Form is a convenient way to request changes to your event.

Space Use and Event Approval Form is required to secure event approvals by your divisional vice president.  (Must be attached to all new reservations requests.)

New electronic Catering Form makes ordering food for your event easy and convenient. 

  • Please note at this time that food service orders will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Online User Guide will provide important updates you need to know about FIT spaces and their resources.

Monthly 25LivePro training sessions will be offered for regular system users as well as others who would like to learn more about the 25LivePro reservation system.

Virtual or hybrid events are now a standard addition to the suite of services offered by the Events Management team. 

The management of virtual/hybrid events extends the "one-stop shopping reservation experience.

Wholly virtual, self supported Google Meet and Webex meetings do not need to be entered into 25LivePro.

Hybrid (part in-person, part virtual) event requests must be entered into 25LivePro.

At this time, it is highly recommended that events/meetings continue to be virtual whenever possible.  We strongly encourage small groups to go "virtual" to free up campus spaces and to meet in the comfort of their own offices and spaces.  The capacity for recording of meetings and presentation of materials makes a Google Meet or Cisco Webex meeting a great maskless choice from the comfort of your desk.

Virtual events can simplify planning, extend attendance reach, and during this pandemic period, reduce health risks

Hybrid requests must be made thirty days prior to the scheduled event date.

A pre-production meeting is mandatory and scheduled by EMFR

Hybrid events are technically complex and, therefore, expensive.  They should only be approved/scheduled when absolutely necessary due to travel restrictions of attendees or other similar planning issues.

Inf you thing you may need media services support, contact the EMFR office immediately to schedule a mandatory pre-production meeting.  At the pre-production meeting, support services and potential additional costs will be determined.

Once costs are determined, you must receive approval from your vice president prior to receiving a final confirmation that your event may be held.

Certain production elements, such as videography and live streaming, may require the services of an eternal contractor and such costs will be the responsibility of the reserving department or its division.

Please contact us should you have any questions.  We look forward to working with you and executing successful events.

25LivePro is a web-based scheduling and event publishing product. It provides centralized calendar, scheduling system, and data repository for events held at FIT.


If you need to reserve a room for an event,  please submit your request using 25LivePro