Library Visitor Acceptable ID

As of November 9, 2015, all requests for visitor appointments must be made through our online form.
If you've received an appointment confirmation email, please check this list to make sure that you have one of the identification cards listed below as "acceptable" in order to be allowed into FIT campus buildings.

 ACCEPTABLE ID:  Must be 1) Current  AND  2) Government-issued or School/College/University-issued  AND  3) Photo ID
Only original documents -- no copies or digital versions

      Driver’s license (Any U.S. ; foreign OK if name, expiration & nature of ID is identifiable in English)

      State issued non-driver ID

      IDNYC  or comparable from another city/state

      NYC or other area Government Benefits ID

      U.S. “Green Card” (permanent resident card)

      U.S. Military ID

      Passport (U.S. or foreign if name,expiration, and nature of ID is identifiable in English)

      National Identity card (if name, expiration, and nature of ID is identifiable in English)

     College and high school students may use student photo ID if there is a date sticker or other way for us to see that it is valid.

     Others types of ID may be acceptable as we identify the category and if deemed acceptable by FIT Public Safety.



      Photocopies or digital format (e.g. photo on a smartphone) of any acceptable ID   

      Expired versions of any acceptable ID

      Credit and debit cards

      Work ID, unless government issued

      Business cards

      Public library cards

      Gym or other membership cards

      Anything else not on the acceptable list

Please call the Research Services Desk before your scheduled appointment at (212) 217-4400 if you have any questions about whether your ID is acceptable or not. FIT Public Safety officers may refuse entry to anyone not presenting acceptable ID, even if they have a confirmed Library appointment.