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International Trade Student Association (ITSA)

Our goal is to bridge the gap between the classroom and careers. We will serve as the community hub for academic development and professional networking for our fellow students with a global mindset. We host weekly meetings featuring guest speakers from varied disciplines as well as workshops to help students grow professionally. We often offer opportunities such as professional events where members can network and gain experience. We hope to make this an active social community of students with similar interests to build lifelong relationships. ITSA will stand as an academic totem pole for members old and new to share ideas, network, and cultivate a community.

Meetings take place every other Tuesday, 1–2 pm, Business and Liberal Arts Center, Room B506. To join the club, simply attend the meetings.

Spring 2022 Officers 
President - Kalina Przywozny
Vice President - Kathryn Devereaux
Secretary -  Coco Mata
PR/Social Media -  Lauren Murphy
Treasurer -  Julia Ashworth


ITM Scholarship Winners

Academic Year 2022-2023


Kathryn Devereaux Picked to Receive 
Jacqueline and Russell Pomeranz ITM 2022 Scholarship for $6,070

Kathryn DevereauxITM is proud to announce that Kathryn Devereaux was selected from an exceptional pool of applicants as the third recipient of the Jacqueline and Russell Pomeranz ITM scholarship.  The scholarship was established by the Pomeranz family, in honor of their beloved mother and brother/husband, along with other generous donors, in the spring 2020 term.

The Selection Committee included ITM advisory board members, Marc D. Schein, National Co-Chair Cyber Center of Excellence, Marsh & McLennan Agency, Prof. Elizabeth Hodur, Senior Director of International Trade at Ascena Retail Group Inc. and ITM’1992, and Eric Hertz, President at Center for Retail Real Estate.

Kathryn uniquely impressed the Committee with her well-rounded background, penchant for immersing herself in new experiences to optimize her learning opportunities, as well as clear and concise communicator of her ideas and path to achieving her goals. As a future philanthropist and founder of a non-profit organization while heavily engaging in school and community activities as well as avid discusser of political science and international relations, she personifies Jacqueline and Russell Pomeranz’s engagement in political discussions as well as community-oriented and non-profit activities.

As Contracts & Procurement Analyst of The Government of Nunavut in Canada, Kathryn managed multi-dimensional Requests for Tender, Requests for Proposals, and Requests for Information contracts, fostered strong working relationships with stakeholders and suppliers through virtual communication, and executed project management tasks.  As Political Analyst Summer Intern of Nunavut Liquor and Cannabis Commission, she implemented its unique branding strategy across the Commission’s policies and identified weaknesses as well as opportunities for its growth.  As Creative Director & Founder of Iqaluit Dance Academy, Kathryn established this local arts academy for over three hundred three- to seventeen-year old children, who participated in a classical dance program that fostered confidence within a multi-cultural space as well as implemented an instructor training program to ensure success and longevity.

Kathryn is Vice President of the International Trade Student Association, where she has been heavily organizing and promoting its events and seeking resources to make them possible.

After graduating from ITM, Kathryn plans to pursue a career involving technology in supply chain and global trade.  She is trying this out, having recently accepted the offer to be Product Manager Intern at Computer Generated Solutions.  In the next five years, she plans to utilize her drive and passion for improving the logistical operations of one or more global apparel company/ies through specialized international trade lessons, integrity, kindness and belief in her ability to effect the transformation.

We hope that you will all join us in congratulating Kathryn as ITM’s third Jacqueline and Russell Pomeranz ITM scholar!





FIT's Academic Skills Tutoring Center offers individualized tutoring assistance for selected ITM courses, provided there are student tutors available for that subject. The Tutoring Center is located in Business and Liberal Arts Center, Room A608B.

You can become a tutor for ITM courses if you have taken the courses and have a letter of recommendation from your professors. See: Applying to Become a Tutor

Due to their focus on actual industry practices, ITM courses (courses with the code IN) are unique to FIT and the ITM department, therefore ITM majors are expected to take all major courses at FIT. Students considering taking liberal arts courses at other institutions to fulfill graduation requirements must bring a copy of the course description and syllabus to the ITM chairperson at least four months before the target semester, who will then consult with the Liberal Arts advisors. Should the course be considered appropriate, the student will be asked to obtain a written permission from FIT's Registrar Office prior to registering for the course.

For how long can completed ITM courses (required and electives) be used to fulfill graduation requirements?

At FIT, all requirements for a degree must be completed within five years from the point of admission. Your admissions date to ITM is posted in your DARS. After five years, ITM courses previously completed must be taken again (or their new equivalents) to fulfill current degree requirements. The significant and dramatic changes taking place in five years in the international trade environment—such as new trade agreements or revisions of existing ones, government regulations, new sourcing markets and practices, fluctuations of international currencies, etc.—make courses taken five years or earlier outdated and inapplicable to ITM's current program.

I abandoned the ITM program and now I want to come back to complete it. How do I do that?

It depends on your admissions date to ITM. If it has been longer than five years since you were admitted to ITM, see the previous question. If you want to come back to complete the program within five years of your admissions date to ITM (your admissions date is posted in your DARS audit), you need to submit the form Request For Re-Evaluation of Graduation to FIT's Registrar Office. You may be required to take additional courses to those listed in your original program in order to update your studies. Make an appointment with the ITM chairperson to explore your options.