Diversity Grants Awarded



  • What is Feminism Now? Art and Activism -Melissa Tombro –Associate Professor, English and Communication Studies Department; Sandra Markus, Professor, Fashion Design; Kim Cunningham, Assistant Professor, Social Sciences Department; Katelyn Burton, Assistant Professor, English and Communication Studies Department, Leslie Blum, Assistant Professor, Communication Design Department
  • Beauty in All Cultures - Sarah Wilmot, MFA in Illustration, Class of 2018; Brendan Leach, Chairperson, School of Graduate Studies;  Mark Higden, MFA in Illustration, Class of 2018



  • Impactful Language - Ellen Brennan Hearn, Grants Office; Professor Curtis Willocks, Department of Photography; Professor Christine Shin,  Department of Communication Design; and Dr. Brian Fallon, Director, Writing Studio
  • Film and Media Screening Series - Professor Michelle Handelman, Associate Professor of Film Media

  • Women and Technology Symposium and Wikipedia Edit-a-thon - Helen Lane, Emerging Technologies Librarian, Goodman Resource  Center, Gladys Marcus Library; Stephenie Futch, User Support Assistant III, Technology Development Team.


  • Cultural Spheres - Professor C. J. Yeh, Communication Design; Professor and Chair Suzanne Anoushian, Communication Design; Professor  Curtis Willocks, Photography; Professor Christie Shin, Communication Design
  • Step Dance Workshop at the Museum at FIT - Tanya Melendez, the Museum at FIT; Melissa Marra, Associate Curator of Education, the  Museum at FIT; Dr. Valerie Steele, Director and Chief Curator, the Museum at FIT
  • Ride the Culture Loop - Dr. Eleanor diPalma, Film, Media and the Performing Arts; Professor Eileen Karp, Fashion Design; Professor Ellen  Lynch, Accessories Design; Professor Michael Cokkinos, Advertising, Marketing and Communications; Jim May, Artistic Director, Ana Sokolow Dance Theater Ensemble; and Wendy Perron/Jennifer Stahl, editors at Dance Magazine







  • Covering/Discovering - Alex Joseph, Communications and External Relations
  • Diversity and Learning - Professor Pamela Ellsworth, Global Fashion Management
  • Photo Talks - Professor Jessica Wynne, Photography
  • Dynamic Diversity - Professor Charlotte Brown, Educational Skills; Professor Brian Fallon, Writing Studio; and Madeline Meyerson, Academic Advisement Center